There has been some discussion over the past few weeks for a get together for all of the “Blogging Pilots”.

The event has been spearheaded by IFR Pilot. Some pertinant details have been decided upon:

Date: June 23, 2007

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada (CYTZ)

The preliminary Agenda looks something like this:

Friday night – arrive when you can, and we’ll assemble at a local watering hole for a meet and greet. Dinner may be with the group, or on your own, as you so desire.

Saturday morning/early afternoon – BBQ at a local park.

Saturday, post-BBQ – you’re on your own to explore the wonder that is Toronto.

Saturday evening – we’ll meet for a tour of the CN Tower and see who among you braggadocios will actually stand on the glass floor at the top of the tower itself. Then, depending on the desires of the group, we’ll attend a feast for kings, either at the revolving restaurant at the top of the tower (a bit pricey, so we’ll see if people wish to indulge) or at some other fine establishment.

Sunday – cry over having to say goodbye, our time together was so short, but it’s time to go home.

The planning committee is working on finalizing the agenda. If you are a blogging pilot and would like to get in on the action there is a mailing list you should subscribe to. The list of attendees looks impressive so far, and I am looking forward to meeting people in person.

I think this would be an excellent learning and networking opportunity for everyone involved.

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