I’m trying to find a part time job to pay off some of my Christmas induced bills. The best case scenario would be something in the aviation related industry that I could transition into a full time position when I’m done school.

I’m impartial to what the tasks would be: washing airplanes, working at a desk, in a factory, anything really. Here is what I found with the “big boys”:


Airplane Washer (Full Time)

Customer Service Agent (Part Time)

Airplane Stockperson (Part Time)


Various Customer Care Positions

Air Canada

Flight Attendant (Temporary)

Porter’s job descrition for a flight attendant states:

Flight attendants may be called to work at short notice and therefore must be able to reach the airport within 1 hour of callout

I wonder if living literally 4 minutes from the airport will give me bonus points.

If any of you guys know of any part-time positions (evenings and weekends) send me an e-mail.

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2 thoughts on “Part Time Job

  1. Hey Blake,
    Thank you for the kind link in your previous post, got some extra traffic because of it :)
    As for part-time jobs…if you are looking at AC or WJ both would require about 2 weeks of training so you would have to start the job in the summer. I have worked for both (Baggage for AC and Customer Service for WJ).
    AC you have to wait 6 months to get pass’s which isn’t that long but seems like an eterernity when you can’t just go hop on a flight somewhere. At AC you are able to sell shifts so the flexibility is great and if you can’t make the shift have someone else cover you and when you have more time off then you can pick up alot of cash shifts and make tons of extra cash. I made an extra 700 bucks clear cash one week on my holidays :)I had a great time and the AC network for travelling and interline is great.
    When I started it was 3 weeks of training but now its down to 2. They aren’ flexible with their shifts and when I worked there it was frowned upon to be changing your shifts. I guess if you are an “owner” they want you to show up :) The pass’s start immediately but the flexibility isn’t there. Great company, happy and fun place to work. Also being a front line employee you really get to see how people just become sheep when they walk through airport entrance ways :)
    Have you looked at FBO’s ? Skyservice would be a great place to pass time as rampy or courtesy van driver. It would give you lots of exposure to pilots and charter companies that you might be able to work for after you are done school. You will be able to make lots of contacts and this route would be the best avenue to help out the pocket book and career eventually.
    If you are excellent at customer service and like to actually work then maybe go work for Million Air at YKZ!!! THey need all the help they can get ! I don’t even think they should be called an FBO, just landing fee collectors as its the worst FBO I have ever ever dealt with.
    Ok sorry to turn this into a rant but good luck. AC would be the best for pass’s and extra shift potential but Skyservice would be better exposure for career.
    Cheers !

  2. Hey!
    Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. I don’t mind you ranting as long as I gain something from it ;)
    I agree in what you are saying in regards to working for an FBO vs. Everyone Else… The experience I will get working at an FBO will be more beneficial to me than working for WJ or AC.
    I also work full time too.. but I want to transition into the aviation world by going part-time when school is done.
    Thanks again for the tips!

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