Not looking good…

I have my flight test booked tomorrow for 9am. However I’m not sure if I’ll be going. Winds are forecast to be gusting to 25 knots at 7am (as far as the forecast goes). So lets hope that they die down in the following two hours.

I went on a flight the other day. It was a perfect winter day for flying. It was also the first time this year I had to get the plane de-iced. Headed up to the north to practice some exercises to keep sharp for my test tomorrow.

Of course I was keeping an ear to 126.7Mhz. All was quiet when I heard a call from “Snowbird 17” (I think it was 17). He was in and around Trenton (which is a military airport). It’s amazing how far you can hear radio calls on 126.7 when its not flooded with people making position reports.

My landing wasn’t the best. I turned too late to final and I was way too high. The video does not do it justice. I’m catching my self using 40° of flaps instead of slipping when I find my self too high.

The camera was a little crooked, so it looks like I’m banking when in fact I’m not.

As I found a parking spot next to another plane that had a student doing his walk around. I got out and said “hi” as I was tieing down the plane. We started talking and he recognized me from this website! Turns out we had the same FI earlier this year.

*crosses fingers for tomorrow*

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