Weather has been too crappy to complete the PPL exam. I’ve been pretty busy at work lately too, so I guess it worked out.

Interesting clip (the player only works in IE):

A KingAir decompresses at 20,000′ and the pilots are unable to use the oxygen supply to remain conscious. The airplane goes into a dive as the pilots are passed out. The report states that at 7000′ the pilots wake up and take the plane out of the dive and land it safely.

The resulting dive caused the wings to bend and ripped off the elevators and tail.

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One thought on “Quick Update

  1. Check your currency issue – I had blown mine before my flight test for the same reasons as you, and I had to go for a recurrency flight before I could do the flight test.
    15 days for students as CFA, and I believe your the same out there…
    I had to remind them, they didn’t remind me… If I hadn’t done so I might have ended up going home on the morning of my flight test (due to expired student currency) instead of actually flying it.

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