I’m still alive, just extremely busy right now.

I did go flying on the weekend, but in the right seat. You can read about it at Marks Blog.

The two last credits I need from Seneca are being offered next semester. It’s going to be nice seeing my former teachers again. Frankly, I’m sick of my economics class.

My term paper for economics is due on Wednesday. My topic is the demise of JetsGo. What caused the company to fail (from an economics point of view) and has anyone else (ie, Air Canada, etc..) learned from their mistakes.

I still don’t have my PPL yet – I’m working on it.

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2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Hey Blake,
    As for the demise of Jetsgo…they should have charged their pilots 60,000 thousand instead of 30,000 grand up front so they could have kept offering the 2 dollar fares to Vancouver !
    I wonder with the way the industry is today and how all you need is a pulse and 3000 hrs to get anywhere if people would still front 30 G’s to fly for an airline ? Back in the early 2000’s you had guys with 7000 hours left seat in King Air’s. Now minimums for jobs on King Air’s is around 2000 and lower if its up north.
    Speaking of which when are you done your program ? Better strike while the iron’s hot !

  2. Hey!
    I agree with you, once again.
    If all goes according to plan, i’ll be done my schooling by the end of the summer. And if I work my butt off (and the bank account can take the punishment) I should have my 200 hrs, CPL, Multi, IFR and Night ratings all done.
    I want to get in as soon as I can only because I hear everywhere that people are hiring left right and centre. My only issue is getting the hours. I’m willing to go up north, but honestly, I dont know anyone that would hire someone as green as me.
    I really dont want to instruct at all. I also find it hard justifying paying to get multi time either.. so i’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do once school is done.
    If, for whatever reason, I get hired up north with my 200 hours on a single.. i’ll jump on the opportunity. Don’t expect me to hang around long though, because I want to build my multi time as quickly as possible.

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