Sulako’s recent post about stuck mikes gave me the idea to post all of the audio clips I’ve found with people in similar situations.

I’ve been in a stuck mike situation myself, but realized it before I made a fool out of my self.

Some of these clips may contain expletives, so be prepared.

(most of these clips have come from

Circuit Training – This sounds like an instructor teaching a student how to land the airplane. This clip is over 4 minutes long!

Controller Change – This guy is talking like a mad man. He’s giving an overview of whats going on to the female controller you hear in the background during a shift change.

Go Around at JFK – A stuck mike causes a Virgin air plane to go around as there is an aircraft holding position on a runway. The tower can’t communicate with the plane on the runway to give him his take off clearance due to a stuck mike. In a classic JFK response the controller “thanks” the pilot who had the stuck mike.

Performing Checklist – Comair pilot performing his pre-landing checks. He chimes in with a “blah blah blah” every now and then.

Dropping the F-Bomb – Pilot or controller (not sure) realizes he has a stuck mike just after saying a few words.

Swearing on Frequency – A controller is frustrated when he can’t contact an aircraft not realizing that *his* mike is the stuck one.

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