Toronto Airspace Changes Explained

Got this via the Buttonville Flying Club:

On 5 July, 2007 there will be change in the classification and size of certain airspace near Toronto. Currently, the Terminal Control Area (TCA)extends to 26 nm with a floor of 3,500 feet ASL up to 12,500. The TCA is Class C mode C, meaning a clearance and a mode C transponder is required to enter.

A new ring of airspace will extend from 26 nm to 65 nm with a floor of 6,500 feet ASL up to 12,500. This airspace will be Class E mode C, meaning there is no requirement to contact ATC for a clearance to enter, but a mode C transponder will be required to fly through this new segment of airspace.

This is a much better solution that the “wedges” they were talking about earlier.

The full text is available for download as a pdf.

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