Torontos Airspace is Changing

Remember a while back when I went on the tour of the Toronto ACC? I had mentioned that my tour guide will be speaking at Buttonville at some point. Well, that time has come. This Monday, March 12th at 7pm:

The speaker will be Kurtis Arnold from Nav Canada who will talk about flying in the Toronto Class C airspace, including extensive changes to this airspace that will be coming along about July. I have heard him talk before about this and it promises to be a great and informative evening.

It will be in Classroom 1. I plan on attending.

I did mention the pending changes last October (about one third the way down the post) but we’ll hear it from the horses mouth on Monday.

Anyone who flies in and around Toronto should attend to get a heads up.

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2 thoughts on “Torontos Airspace is Changing

  1. Blake,
    Is this event public? Any link for more info on this seminar?

  2. The event is being hosted by the Buttonville Flying Club. I’m not a member but I don’t see why I cant show up. They’re webpage says that guests are welcome to the meetings.
    The meetings are normally on Wednesday nights. However, I cant attend them because of school.

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