This semester is looking to be good and interesting. Firstly, I have a teacher that I’ve never had before. He works for Porter, so it’s nice to hear some stories about the latest start-up as well as how the Q400 works.

Both classes are going to be engaging, my textbook for Personnel Management is The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C Maxwell. I was also able to find an audio tape version of this book as well (in mp3 format!). I do have a project in this class on which I’m going to do it on Porter. We need to talk about things like their SOPs, training, crew scheduling, who does the hiring, and the company structure. I plan on using my teacher I mentioned earlier as a resource.

I also have a project to do for instruments and avionics class. For that I’m going to talk about all the crazy types of instrument landing systems that are out there like: the microwave landing system, transponder landing system, and whatever cool thing the navy has set up for landing stuff on aircraft carriers.

I’ll be sure to post both presentations to the site when they are finished.

I built a new computer specifically for gaming, and it should be arriving soon. By gaming, I mean of course, Microsoft Flight Sim. I need to get back into practicing some IFR stuff, just to get a heads up on my training when the time comes.

Oh and, did you know that Porter has a Restricted ILS/DME approach for runway 26 at City Centre? The glide slope is 4.8°. Awesome!

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