No-Go on Supervisory Ride

My PPL Exam is set for July 2nd. I was supposed to do a supervisory ride today, except that was canceled due to weather (blasted TCUs and winds gusting to 25).

I’m ready as I will ever be, and I’m hoping I can get my super done before July 2nd.

I have a mid-term exam today for Personnel Management. Turns out I originally wrote it down on the calendar for next week. I only found out on Tuesday that it’s this week. Whoops!

I took a look at my log book, the last entry is December 16th, 2006. I really need to get that updated. I’m going to head to the airport later today to copy my entries from my PTR (which legally has to stay at the flight school) into my fancy dancy excel spreadsheet. I suspect I have around 110 hours.

The weather is supposed to be great the next five days. Let’s hope it stays that way until my PPL exam.

Today is the first day of Summer which means that starting tomorrow, the days get shorter. Great if you are trying to get your Night rating (no more flights at 10pm), but bad if you’re working on your PPL.

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One thought on “No-Go on Supervisory Ride

  1. Hey Blake,
    It’s interesting cause my flight test is supposed to be scheduled for next week also(weather permitting). Do you know who will be your examiner? Dave or Dan?

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