First of all, I would like to thank everyone (again) that wished me good luck and congratulated me on passing.

ftr.jpgI received a comment from someone named “kkjlai” who wanted to know more about the exam. So this post is all about that.

The weather was good. Visibility was alright, although at some times there really was no defined horizon (especially to the south). It was bumpy however, plenty of thermals. The exam took a total of 4 hours, which included pre-flight stuff, actual air work, and a debriefing.

Take a look at the Pilot Examiner Manual for PPL on how the examiner is going to administer the test. Be sure to ask any questions if you are unsure as to what the examiner is asking you to do. As well, check the Flight Test Guide (Private) for the criteria the examiner will be marking you on.

In the majority of the cases during my exam, stupid little mistakes cost me a perfect mark. Things like using the current METAR for flight planning instead of the forecast weather for the time of the flight. During the soft field take-off, holding in position on the runway at the request of ATC instead of declining and asking for a take-off on the roll.

Make sure you take your time and be prepared to answer scenario type questions.

As one of my teachers used to say: “It doesn’t matter what your mark is, as long as you pass”…

(A passing mark on the Private is 64. On the commercial it is 93. I got 95 on this exam.

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3 thoughts on “How I Did

  1. Congrats Blake!!! It’s been interesting following you from the start to now :D Can’t wait to find out about you finishing the CPL, I ended up stopping for the longest period and ended up not flying for 7 months:( would have been done training by now.

  2. Congratulations again, Blake — this is a great accomplishment!

  3. Thanks [again] Blake for posting your experience! I was also training (in Markham Airport) and it is helpful to get some experience / familization on someone who had his flight test.
    Congratulations again on your achievement! And I guess you will keep smiliing for days.. ;)

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