PPL Test Tomorrow!

The weather tomorrow is looking good for my PPL test.

I spent some time today with my FI reviewing a couple of items and I’m going to study some ground items tonight.

Hopefully I will get some sleep tonight, and be refreshed for the exam tomorrow.

With the new tower the ATIS information is now automated. By that, I mean a computerized voice reads out the ATIS information really, really, slowly. Previously the controllers had to record the AITS message and would usually do so at a decent pace.

I have the rest of the week off work, and as such, also have a plane booked each day this week. If all goes well tomorrow, I will probably end up canceling the bookings. As well, there will be a slew of new solo bookings as I have a list of people who want to come up for a ride.

I just need to find a decent cheap used headset for my passengers…

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5 thoughts on “PPL Test Tomorrow!

  1. Good luck Blake! I just did my flight test last Friday with Dan and all went well so I know exactly how you feel now and I am sure you can nail it.

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