Multi-Engine Resources Pt. 2

A while back I asked anyone if they knew of some good resources for learning about multi-engine concepts. Since then I’ve been slowly collecting and finding the necessary information.

I hope this list will help future pilots who want to get their multi rating.


Multi-Engine Textbook by Jeppesen. ISBN: 0-88487-335-8

Multi-Engine Syllabus by Jeppesen. ISBN: ? (Jeppesen Part No. JS344527)

The Complete Multi Engine Pilot by Bob Gardner. ISBN: 1-56027-448-4

Seminole POH (of course)

Online Resources

Wikipedia: P-Factor

Asymmetric Thrust Explained

Transport Canada: Instructor Guide: Multi-Engine Rating (TP 11575)

Transport Canada: Flight Test Guide: Multi-Engine Rating (TP 219)

Aerodynamics of Power Loss

Ounce of Prevention Part 8 of 12: Suddenly Single

I pretty much understand all of the concepts when it comes to multi engine flying. I feel I’m prepared for my first flight next week, weather permitting.

Also, for those of you with the Discovery channel. There is a two hour Mayday Special on tonight starting at 8pm ET.

If you miss it, however, it may be available online for you to watch.

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