60KT Winds Destroy Aircraft

The recent crazy weather has destroyed another Toronto Airways plane.

“Both are write-offs, I’d guess,” [Mr. Sifton, President of Buttonville Airport] said of the Cessna 172 single engine aircraft tossed on to their backs. “They have cracked fuselages, windscreens and other damage.”

Word on the street is that it was C-GDQG thats pictured in the photo in this Yorkregion.com news article.

So far this year has not been good for flying, mainly due to the weather. All of the planes have been grounded by the school so that they can get a once over by the AMEs

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One thought on “60KT Winds Destroy Aircraft

  1. Too bad.. the other damaged plane seems to be from our school (Canadian Flyers), a 172R.. It is one of the newer planes and we don’t have much planes left! :(

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