Flight in the Eclipsed Moonlight

The weather last night was perfect for a flight. I brought along a friend from work and we did a city tour.

I totally forgot about the eclipse that night until I was out on the ramp, and happened to glance up at the moon. After a slow start (due to a snag on the original airplane I wanted to take) we were off for a city tour.

The heater didn’t really work and the plane was drafty, but it was still a great ride. As we were orbiting around the CN Tower, a Porter Q400 called in established on the ILS. So we hung around to get a birds eye view of the landing aircraft which was pretty cool.

We also got a glimpse of the aftermath of the devastating Queen Street fire.

I had the best landing EVER. Greased her nicely. There was someone on short final when I landed, so ATC wanted me off as quickly as possible. “Exit on Bravo 1” I hear in my headset. I took a look and said to my passenger “Where the hell is Bravo 1?”.

For some reason I couldn’t find that magic yellow sign that said “B1” on it. I reply with “Unable Bravo 1” and get asked to exit at the intersection of 33/03. Not a problem.

Normally I don’t blog about my “personal” life, however today it was aviation related.

My girlfriend is a nurse at the Mount Sinai NICU. Today she had to escort a patient on a Medevac flight from Buttonville to Timmins. Naturally, I had a bunch of questions for her. “what kind of airplane did you fly in”. “How was the flight?” “Was it loud” etc..

Turns out she flew in a Pilatus PC-12 from Air Bravo. She relayed some info to me about Air Bravo that she was able to get out of the Pilots/Flight Medic. So that was useful.

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  1. Were you trying to fly GGMT or GRQR by any chance? I came to the airport on Wed afternoon and the right aileron on GMT was squished like a tin can, and we had to snag RQR because the elevator got stuck on landing…

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