Multi ride coming up!

My Multi-Engine flight test is being booked for May 28th!

Had a flight in the Seminole last night, practiced circuit work. I was having a tough time of keeping the airplane lined up with the centre line, I got that all sorted out yesterday.

Over the course of the lesson, the active runway switched twice, flipping back and forth between 33 and 03. 03/21 is the short runway at 2600′. This was the first time I used the short runway at Buttonville in the Seminole.

Did two circuits there, then switched to 33. There we did a few short field take offs, short field landing with obstacle. As well as a flapless landing.

With the exception of one landing, everything went well.

I just need to review my emergency checklists and ensure that I know the V speeds that need to be memorized.

Two of the speeds, Vyse and Vy happen to be the same in this plane… 88KTIAS. So that makes things a little easier.

All in all, I’m confident that I will have no issues with the ride. There will be a review flight before the flight test to ensure I’m good to go.

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7 thoughts on “Multi ride coming up!

  1. Vyse – 88 kts
    Vxse – 82 kts
    Vy – 88 kts
    Vx – 82 kts
    Va (gross weight) – 135 kts
    Vne – 202 kts
    Vmca – 56 kts
    Vs – 57 kts (clean)
    Vso – 55 kts (dirty)
    Vle – 140 kts
    Vlo – 109 kts
    Vno – 169 kts
    Vfe – 111 kts

  2. That looks about right.. However, do you know which ones are memory items?
    Hint: take a look at the mutli-engine flight test guide.

  3. Memory items are:
    Vmca, Vyse, Vxse, Vne, Va
    If I missed any let me know, I’m taking my ME flight test too… I figured I would just remember all of them to save the hassle.

  4. Oops, I looked up the Flight test guide and here’s the memory items.
    Vso, Vyse, Va, Vmc, Vle, Vlo, Vfe, Vsse
    What’s Vsse?

  5. Vsse is the intentional one engine operative speed.
    The definition is in the flight test guide:
    A speed above both Vmc and stall speed, selected to provide a margin of lateral and directional control when one engine is suddenly rendered inoperative.
    Intentional failing of one engine below this speed is not recommended. In the event that the POH/AFM does not state a Vsse, use a speed equal to Vmc+10KTs
    So in other words, for practicing single engine stuff, the FI or Examiner will not fail an engine on you when the speed is below Vsse.

  6. I read that in the test guide but the POH does not specifically say what Vsse in the Seminole is?
    Good luck on your multi-ride, mine’s on the 30th. Were you able to answer all the questions in the flight test guide for Ex 1C? The questions are not very specific.

  7. Yes.. it’s in the POH.
    Specifically: Section 4.3, item (F):
    f) intentional one engine inoperative speed: 82KIAS.
    There are two items that I was not able to answer confidently in Ex 1C:
    – Explain the factors affecting Vmc
    – Explain the configuration, airspeed, and flight profile that the aeroplane must be in to successfully complete a one-engine inoperative overshoot.
    I will be going over those with my instructor tomorrow afternoon.
    My ride is also on the 30th!

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