Small Taxi Procedure Change At YKZ

I was made aware at Toronto Airways dispatch of a small procedure change when requesting taxi instructions.

Most (if not all TAL pilots) perform their run up on the main apron, which is uncontrolled. Once the run-up is complete, then the pilot calls up Buttonville Ground requesting taxi instructions.

The problem here is that the the controller must look through the entire main apron searching for the location of your airplane. During busy hours this can take time.

The memo directs pilots to proceed to the proper taxi way for the active runway and to hold short, then call up ground for taxi instructions. This way the controller knows the general area you are in. Since the main apron is uncontrolled, this is not an issue.

Although not stated in the memo, it might also help them to say where on the main apron you are. For example:

“Alpha Bravo Charlie is on the main apron, holding short of bravo, requesting taxi instructions to the active.”

Keep this in mind next time you’re going flying.

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