I know NDBs are old but…

So I started studying the G1000 (Nav III) for the Cessna and spent 20 minutes in the simulator trying to figure out how to tune an NDB when I looked it up in the manual:

The G1000 does not support tuning of the ADF in Nav III aircraft. ADF tuning is accomplished through the Bendix/King KR 87 ADF Radio. ADF volume must also be adjusted through the KR 87.

A top of the line system doesn’t even have an ADF/NDB radio built in? WTF.

So you can get ADF info on the PFD, but you have to use and tune an external radio.

Boourns to that.

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  1. PlasticPilot says:

    Some G1000 versions get a fully integrated ADF. Displayed in the PFD, but painfully tuned via the FMS knob… not exactly friendly. Read more on that on my post about this topic: http://www.plasticpilot.net/blog/2007/08/26/g1000-adf-dme-and-dual-ils-display/