Plan for the next month

Firstly, lets answer the question I posed in my last post.

In the Boomerang, which is the critical engine? There is none. In fact, there is no asymmetrical thrust created when one engine is inoperative.

The next month I plan on getting checked out in the C172 equipped with the G1000 avionics package.

Once that is done, there are at least two cross country flights i’d like to make. First, is solo to North Bay (perhaps with my girlfriend). This is my pre commercial x-country. I really don’t want to jump into a 300nm trip right away. So I figured a 150nm one first would help.

The second trip is to fulfill a few hours I need of dual x-country for the CPL. Probably go to Buffalo with my FI. With the G1000 no doubt.

This all the while getting the necessary solo time for the CPL by practicing stuff.

My last lesson was in the sim. Practicing some partial panel and radio navigation.

I was flying nice and level when my FI decided to instruct the sim to give me a vacuum failure. Boourns! I noticed the failure, but couldn’t prevent my self from going into a spiral dive. The problem? I thought the TC failed as well so I was ignoring it, as it was showing a full deflection to the left. Turns out I was just in a 90° bank turn. Whoops!

I know better now.

We also did some VOR work. Ugh, I hate them. I just need to practice some more. At first we were intercepting the radials after turning to a heading to parallel it — The slow, inefficient way. By the end of the lesson, however, I was using the “real” method.

Interception angles to use? flying inbound, 90°, flying outbound 45°

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  1. Gotta do my commercial x-country too. Finished flight exam, finished written, just need the x-country. Looking for someone to go with me that needs some time too. I fly there, they fly back or vice versa.

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