IFR Flight Test Database

Aviatrix over at Cockpit Conversation has a great idea for IFR students.

She speculates states that most examiners have a set routing/plan when they give IFR rides to students or pilots whose IFR currency has lapsed.

Her idea is to set up a database of possible flights that you will be tested on so that you can be better prepared for the flight.

I encourage you to send along your most recent flight details to her so that she can start compiling her database (and so that I may use it when it comes time for my IFR ride).

On a similar note. A user at liveatc.net has compiled audio files of IFR clearances for students to practice with. Scoot on over there any check out the “audio clips” section in the forum.

For fun, listen to this IFR routing from JFK to Point Salinas Airport.

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4 thoughts on “IFR Flight Test Database

  1. Hi,
    Love the blog. I fly in the UK, Scotland to be exact. Last renewal was Scone Airport Perth to join P600 Airway into Glasgow International (GOW) for a runway 23 ILS and go around with EFATO. Followed by a short cruise to Dundee (DND) for an NDB Approach and go-around and back to Scone. Not to bad to be honest!

  2. Oh it’s not speculation. It’s a fact. Flight instructors can tell you where their examiners will send candidates. It’s governed by local airspace and ATC, available nav aids and a reasonable test of people’s ability. They don’t want you to have a two hour flight test to get vectors to a distant ILS.

  3. As a former flight instructor turned ATC, I pretty much agree, however if you focus too much on one route, or one set of approaches, what will happen if (when) it changes?
    ATC wont think twice about giving you a different approach, or sending you to entirely new airport if traffic or equipment dictates.
    I understand that knowing your route can take some of the stress out of it so in that way it is definitely a good thing

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