X-Country Flight Conundrum Pt. 2

I first started planning/worrying about my 300nm X-Country flight last September.

My original plan was to make the trip to Sherbrooke (CYSC), which is 341nm from Buttonville. My reasoning was as follows:

1. I get to overfly my (now ex) cottage near Magog, Quebec.

2. I get to fly in some American airspace.

3. Get some experience dealing with the French radio calls (I can speak French fluently).

I’ve started re-evaluating my decision based on the following:

1. I’m more confident with my flying now, so why not make the trip to the US?

2. To recoup some costs, why not share this flight with someone else who has to do the same?

So, consider this an open invitation to any pilot out there who would like to share the costs of the 300nm CPL x-country trip with me. Here are some ground rules:

1. We must agree on the destination. I have compiled a list of the closest 25 American and Canadian airports. These have not been vetted for suitability.

2. I must meet you in person to go over the flight planing at least once before the flight.

3. The return leg will be flown by me, at night.

4. It will be in the Toronto Airways G1000 C172, so you must be current and checked out in that aircraft.

5. We are both responsible for checking each others weight and balance, and flight planning.

6. You are responsible for everything for your leg of the flight, flight plans (filing, opening, closing), weight and balance, ensuring the aircraft and documents are in order, etc.. I am merely a passenger while you are PIC and vise versa.

6. All costs related to flying (fuel, oil, rental, insurance) will be split 50%.

7. We are buying the TAL insurance deductible waiver ($10/hr.)

8. Flight can be any time during the week, but preferably on the weekend.

9. I will be bringing a passenger, you are welcome to do so as well, assuming weight and balance works.

I hope for this to be a fun and learning experience. If you do not yet have your night rating, but would love to experience night flying this will be a great opportunity as I will be flying the return leg at night.

Please email your interest to me by filling out the contact form. Ideally I would like to do this flight before October.

If I don’t hear from any interested parties by August 1st, I will be doing the trip alone.

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2 thoughts on “X-Country Flight Conundrum Pt. 2

  1. I may be interested… but I have no glass experience, how many hours does it take to get checked out in the 172 G1000 at Buttonville? I might book a few hours just to get the experience.

  2. You have to do the ground school course (about 8 hours), 2 hour flight, and a written test.

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