Changing Focus

With some events happening in my personal life, I’ve made the tough decision to stop flying in order to save money (mainly for my wedding).

That said, I’ve canceled all my lessons for the rest of the summer. However, that’s not to say I can’t still be productive.

I’m debating about whether I should let my rental currency lapse with the school.

I plan on spending my time studying for the CPL written exam as well as for the INRAT. The results of the exams are valid for 2 years after you write them. So although I don’t plan on starting my IFR training until after I get my CPL, I’ll already have the INRAT written and done.

The INRAT consists of 50 multiple choice questions, with a three hour time limit and a pass of 70% or higher.

The questions all deal with items related to IFR flying as well as questions based on a simulated IFR flight.

Transport Canada has a list of recommended study material. I find it odd that the “Instrument Procedure Manual” is missing from that list. It’s a tough document to track down. It is not available online, nor is it available on the Transport Canada website for order. I’ve only been able to find it at Aviation World. It comes unbound and shrink wrapped. At least it’s hole punched so you can put it in a binder.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what other resources I should use for studying the INRAT?

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5 thoughts on “Changing Focus

  1. You’ve got your priorities all wrong!
    You can get married anytime ;)

  2. Hi Blake,
    For the INRAT I used a combination of Culhane’s books and the Aerocourse book. Unfortuantely, both books are expensive.
    There are a number of people who dislike the Culhane book. I however did quite like it as the study guides do a good job summarizing the material and the questions are (for the most part pretty good). I like the fact that after doing your studying, if you just want a quick refresher you can just look in Culhane’s Sutdy Guide to get a pretty good idea of the answers.
    The aerocourse book has many great practice questions, but to my knowledge there isn’t a study guide that goes along with it. THerefore, if you want clarification on an answer you have to go back searching through the CARS. Although knowing the CARS is a benefit, it can be a bit of a waste of time when you just want to confirm something.
    Good Luck with the studying and the saving for the wedding!

  3. Sorry to hear that… Couldn’t go on my x-country, the weather has been bad for the past 2 weeks but will try to finish this month. I hope you pick it up again. You’ve practically got your commercial…

  4. blake
    go to
    get the ifr program you can download for about 40
    dollars has about 940 questions and answers

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