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Stuck mike during an ILS lesson. Personally I think I would have a hard time learning from this instructor.

As always, comments from the peanut gallery after the stuck mike has been identified are hilarious.

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4 thoughts on “Stuck Mike & ILS Lesson

  1. WOW – that F-bomb in there is a good fine. I don’t care if it was a stuck mic! Dude was yelling instructions too – I thought you were supposed to cover that stuff in groundschool???

  2. Well… I don’t know about others, but my Instructor (noticed the big I ?) was always insisting on approach briefings being made before the approach, not while flying it. And he was hardly speaking during approaches, unless something was seriously wrong. How can the student pilot concentrate and fly and ILS properly with the guy constantly talking ?
    And as Matt commented, what about ground school ?

  3. I want listening that hard, but it sounded like the instructor was talking the student through a demonstration (one of the key elements of instructing!)
    In that context the instructor seems more reasonable.

  4. That is funny, no doubt; especially the f bomb, I was like ‘oh no…’.
    Blake, take a look at a clip called something like ‘All is needed is a ‘cleared to land” on live atc. I found that hilarious.

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