I hope everyone had a great holiday break! This was the first month in three years where I didn’t go flying once. I’m hoping that trend doesn’t continue.

As 2008 leaves us, its on to look ahead to 2009!

I’ve never been fond of the term “new years resolutions”, instead I use the term “goals”. So here are my aviation goals for 2009:

  • Finish up and get my CPL
  • Write the INRAT for my IFR Rating
  • (Finally) Go to Oshkosh
  • Fly an ultralight!

These are all pretty realistic. I’ve already got the necessary hours for the CPL, just need some dual and my long x-country (plus the written). The INRAT for the IFR rating shoul be easy to complete as well.

I’d love to get my IFR rating but there are a few issues: 1. I’m not sure if I will be able to stay current after getting my rating as I don’t own my own plane. 2. The money I would spend on getting my IFR rating could be used as a down payment for my own aircraft instead! So, I’m still toying with the idea of getting my IFR rating.

Infact, I’m still debating about making this whole flying thing a career change….

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3 thoughts on “2009 Goals

  1. Hey Blake,
    I think I’m in the same situation as you. I have been debating on getting my IFR rating as well. The cost is just really hard to justify when we are looking at a career that brings a pay decrease after we have spent so much money. Your other goals sound pretty achievable… I have always wanted to go to Oshkosh!!!

  2. What you mentioned plus the fact that my life situation has changed a lot in the past three years also has me thinking about my original plan.
    I’m going to get my CPL for sure, then figure out from there what I want to do.

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