Schedule For DME/ILS Replacements

NavCanada has a ANS service improvements project underway to upgrade some of the aging Air Navigation Systems equipment.

AIC 47/08 and 48/08 outline the schedule for the upgrade of the DME and ILS equipment. One thing to note, is that the new ILS equipment will not provide back-course capabilities. Therefore ILS procedures involving the localizer back-course will be replaced with an RNAV approach instead.

As always, you can check out the AICs at the NavCanada website.

I also also thinking of implementing a service whereby you can “subscribe” for for AIC updates. You can get e-mail updates or subscribe to a RSS feed. Anyone here have any interest in such a service? If there is enough, then I might just whip something together.

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One thought on “Schedule For DME/ILS Replacements

  1. Blake,
    Along with these upgrades, I’ve been reading into the airspace recommendations that have been made for the GTA area. Some include:
    a) Making CYXU Class C
    b) Either extending YKZ CZ to YTZ’s or vice versa.
    c) Increasing the height of YTZ and YKZs airspace by 1 foot. (It will be inclusive of 2500).
    d) Reduce Downsviews zone to 1700 to match with the class c floor.
    e) Increasing the size of YHM’s CZ to 7 NM and 4500 ft.
    I can’t see this affecting pilots a lot. Might make some people put a transponder in their 150 for YXU; thats about it.

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