Dear NavCanada,

Next time you print the Toronto VTA and VNC, can you please put airport identifiers next to airports like you currently do with Navaids?



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6 thoughts on “Airport Idents on Maps

  1. I totally agree with you Blake! It’s a pain to pull the HUGE CFS out just to check the identifier.

  2. Jonathan,
    No I didn’t.. This is just my “open letter” to them.
    Yes. It’s a pain. I dont know why they don’t do it. Its handy for programming GPSs and such not to have to use the CFS.

  3. It’s an excellent idea. The CFS has its advantages, but just as a reference on the map, it would be handy. I wonder what they’d say if this idea was formally sent to them or it was brought up sometime…

  4. On a 100% serious note… how would one go about doing that?
    Would starting with COPA be a good idea? Or just firing off an email to navcanada?

  5. I found two contacts which could lead you further.
    NavCanada General Inquires
    services (at) navcanada (dot) ca
    Aeronautical Publications (‘Aeropub’)
    aeropubs (at) navcanada (dot) ca
    1-866-731-PUBS (7827)

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