Have $3,000,000? Why not buy this Boeing 727-200? It’s got a bar, and over 50 “first class” style seats.

Avionics look a little rough though:

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2 thoughts on “Boeing 727-200 For Sale

  1. Frighteningly familiar after all these years! I noticed the engine 2 reverser is removed. Part of the stage 3 noise mods? When I looked at the FE’s panel I noticed right away the long-range tanks and I see from the specs it’s equipped for trans-oceanic – all up to date too with TCAS and windshear detection etc….
    I wonder why the engine 1 fuel cut-off lever is sitting at the ‘run’ position? Needs a good dusting too ;-)
    So all I need is to figure out where to run some deluxe charters …. hmm… The 727-200 is/was a mighty fine aircraft.

  2. Dear Sirs,

    I am searching for 727-200 made in 1978 without engine for the demonstration in the technical courses in Kumi University Korea.
    Many planes are available with engines but the budget could not allow the
    purchase of operating plane. As you are the specialist on these deal, I need your assistance. Will you please help me?


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