Massive Changes to Toronto Airspace

I just got details of the changes to Torontos Airspace, which are Effective March 12, 2009.

The PDFs contain all the details you know.

Some highlights:

The Buttonville and Toronto City Centre control zones will be expanded to meet along Lawrence Ave, between Yonge Street and Victoria Park Ave. Both control zones will now extend from 2,500′ ASL down to the surface.

One thing you will notice is that the YKZ Control zone Ends at Lawrence Ave. instead of the 401 now. As well, there is no “dead area” between the YTZ zone and the YKZ zone as they both start/stop at the same location.

The Toronto Class C terminal airspace floors will be raised 1 foot, e.g. ”ABV 1700” to provide VFR aircraft with additional altitude options. VFR aircraft will be able to fly beneath the Class C airspace at 1700 ‘ASL, 2000’ASL, 2500’ASL or 3500’ASL, without a clearance from ATC.

As well, a few Class “F” airspace around Southern Ontario is being removed!

These changes will be made available in the March edition of the VTA/VNC.. so make sure you guys grab a copy as soon as they become available!

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One thought on “Massive Changes to Toronto Airspace

  1. These are all part of much bigger changes look for massive changes over the next 1-5 years.
    Im very happy to hear about the removal of the class F airspace. Most of those areas are completely unused. I don’t know how they ever got approved in the first place.

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