Wedding Anniversary Flight

Last Sunday I took a co-worker and her wife on a flight around the city for their 1st wedding anniversary. The visibility was great, the winds not so much. It was gusty and bumpy. We still had a great time though.

My passenger took some video of me landing. It’s hard to tell but I was crabbing into the wind the entire time down as it was (if I recall correctly) 12 knots gusting 20. The tower also warned of a -10KT wind shear on short final. Since we were landing on 33, this was most likely due to mechanical turbulence from the hangers and buildings that are just south of the runway (the CFS warns about them).

Notice the stall warning horn going off, not once, but twice.. thats what I get for trying to grease ‘er down ;)

It was a great time by all. No matter what I’m doing, even if it’s the 100th city tour, I still love being up in the air.

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary Flight

  1. The crab shows up well, nice job putting it down. A C172 I assume. The pneumatic stall warning system is a nice feature, getting more strident as the critical angle is approached. My Cherokee, on the other hand has a vane operated switch, either off or on. Luckily for my passengers my example is old enough it has a stall warning light instead of a horn.

  2. Yup, it’s a C172.
    When I was flying the Seminole, it had the vane operated switch. In fact it had two on the wing. One closer to the wing root. It had both a light (I think) and buzzer
    Personally I like th pneumatic ones better.

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