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I’m taking up another couple for a city tour tomorrow. It’s his wifes birthday and he wants to take her on a sunset flight of the city. I will be sure to post some photos before the weekend.

I am heading off on vacation next week overseas. I’m going to bring along my scanner on the airplane. My plan is to pick up some Air to Air comms while over the ocean. They usually use 123.45 Mhz, right?

I also got a copy of the Toronto Airways Rental Rates as well as Aircraft Weights. For those of you who rent at TAL and want a copy, please feel free to download.

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2 thoughts on “Rental Rates, Vacation, City Tours

  1. Scanners are banned on most airlines. If you want to use it anyway, plug some white “iPod” type headphones into it so it looks like you’re listening to tunes instead…

  2. I took a scanner, my favourite toy, to Florida several times in hand baggage. When security got more serious (still before 9-11) the rent-a-cop at Pearson said I couldn’t take it. She got a supervisor to confirm this for me. So I had to put the $600 scanner in checked baggage and worry the whole flight that it would have disappeared. Previously, using a scanner onboard had just gotten me a hassle until I explained that it was only a receiver. And I didn’t hear anything on it. Choose an airline that pipes ATC transmissions into the headphones. And devise a crush-proof case for the scanner so you can listen to it at your destination.

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