Aviation Document Booklet

Now that all of the CPL and APTL pilots have the new licence, Transport Canada is asking everyone else to apply.

In order to maintain a valid licence, holders must apply for the new booklet format before December 31, 2009 (6 months from now).

Applying is similar to a passport. You need to provide a notarized photograph. It can be signed by someone who can also sign passport photos. In addition there is a one page application form that needs to be filled out.

I’m sending mine in tomorrow. I should get the new licence in 4-6 weeks.

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4 thoughts on “Aviation Document Booklet

  1. 4-6 weeks is doubtful! I’m still waiting for mine, and most of the staff with CPL’s at my FBO are still waiting.

  2. Well, it’s now been over six weeks since you sent in your application on July 2nd. Have you received your new license yet?

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