Elliot Lake Airport (CYEL)

I’m planning a flight up to Elliot Lake. Going to be taking my dad up there, as that is where he grew up. I think it will be nice to fly together there and check out the town.

The Ourairports page has little commentary about the airport. Have any of you flown to the airport and can give me some local/pilot knowledge?

I’m going to be emailing the airport to ask a few specific questions today.

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One thought on “Elliot Lake Airport (CYEL)

  1. I’ve been into Elliot Lake a couple of times. Other than the rolling hills in the vicinity providing more interesting visuals you will find it a well run and very accommodating airport. Don’t forget to stop in and say hello to the staff. If you need anything while you’re their I’m sure they will find a way to help you.

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