Normally I’m not a fearful person. As long as I feel like I’ve prepared the best I can, there really is no reason for me be worried or scared of everything.

When it comes to flying my biggest fear is running out of fuel. There has been times when my flight instructors would question why I would get the tanks filled up when there is enough fuel for the lesson. Is there any harm in having 5 hours of fuel even though your flight is only going to be an hour? Of course not!

I always take on more fuel then I need. I always depart on full tanks.

When it comes to flying, what are you most afraid of?

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5 thoughts on “Fears

  1. i used to fear the same until I joined a glider club where every landing is a forced landing. After 85 consecutive flights without an engine, I forget one is needed.

  2. My biggest fear is damaging my flight school’s aircrafts with a bad landing. It’s a stupid fear since they are pieces of junk anyways but I can’t help it.

  3. SNAKES!!!!
    J/K, actually my biggest fear is losing the engine.
    My other biggest fear is losing the engine, making a safe landing and the insurance not paying.

  4. Biggest fear would probably have to be mid air collisions. Even at city centre so many rookie pilots dont even call tower before entering the zone! Other than that if your well trained you shouldnt be afraid of engine failures or running out of fuel, just do a forced landing I’m sure we all have practiced those.

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