Here are some statistics I gathered from CADORs regarding airplanes getting hit by lasers (for 2009):

May: 7

June: 4

July: 7

August: 26

September: 18

One particular report I read noted that the copilot was injured by the laser:

From CADORS 2009O1962:

UPDATE Supplemental information received from Canadian Helicopters Ltd. [2009/09/09]: The operator voluntarily provided additional information on this occurrence. The aircraft registration was provided and the point of departure was corrected. While en-route from Pembroke to Ottawa Civic Hospital with a patient and escort, and approximately 10NM from the Ottawa Civic Hospital, at an altitude of 2,000 feet ASL, the cockpit was hit with a green laser. While looking out of the co-pilot’s side of the front window, a strong green light was observed coming from an observation area along the top of the Gatineau Hills. The green light struck the helicopter two or three times. It was only visible for about 20 to 30 seconds. The pilot was able to shield his eyes from the light by using the centre post of the windshield as protection. The co-pilot first noticed the light and was struck by the beam. The co-pilot is suffering some after effects from the laser strike and is seeking further medical help.

Why do people do this? Is it really that fun? Some of these people are pretty stupid as some Cadors reports indicate that RCMP and police helicopters have been lased. Wow!

As a pilot, if you ever get hit by a laser you should report the incident to air traffic control and fill out the form found in AIC 14/09.

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