I’m back from vacation! I do have a vacation specific post to talk about, but in the mean time check this out.

Ice Pilots NWT is a 13-episode real-life docu series about an unorthodox airline in the Canadian North. Yellowknife-based Buffalo Airways flies WWII-era propeller planes – big old aircraft built by “Rosie the Riveter” and pretty much unchanged. Rookie pilots defy bonechilling temperatures to fly cargo and passengers through blizzards, breakdowns and transatlantic journeys. It’s an impossible job in a merciless place.

The premier is tonight at 10pm ET on the History Channel. A full schedule is available on the History Channel Website.

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3 thoughts on “Ice Pilots

  1. The episodes (may) stream from here: http://www.icepilots.com/
    Remains to be seen if there will be episode or country limitations. The ‘teaser’ looks great though.
    Not as exciting than another web-only series, “Easy Bake Pilots”. :)

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