ILS Replacement in Southern Ontario

Planning on getting an IFR rating this summer in Southern Ontario? I know that Toronto Airways instructors like to use Kitchener/Waterloo to practice ILS approaches.

Turns out the ILS will be unavailable for 2 months between June and August. This is part of NavCanada’s ILS Replacement Project.

Your alternatives will be Toronto City Centre (might be too busy now due to Porter) and Hamilton.

The new systems that they are using no longer support localizer back course approaches. These will be replaced with RNAV (GNSS) approaches instead. So for you old schoolers out there without a GPS, say good bye to an approach!

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One thought on “ILS Replacement in Southern Ontario

  1. CYHM is a good choice. Also consider going to CYXU. It’s is difficult if not impossible to get a flow time for CYTZ, and if you do, neither of the ILS approaches can be made available for training due to their impact on CYYZ
    ofcourse when you are vfr the options expand a lot

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