Best Flight Bag… Ever!

I currently use an ASA Flight Bag to carry my headset, documentations, POHs, etc.. It is a “duffel style” bag that is large, heavy, and well, kinda sucks (photo).

I came across this new flight bag from BrightLine Bags that simply blows the ASA bag out of the water.

Some of the things I love about this bag:

  • The colour coded zippers! Ever asked a passenger to grab something for you out of your bag?:

    Me: “Yeah It’s in the big zipper, near the back, on the left hand side”

    You: “Uhh where? what zipper?”

    Now I can just go:

    Me: “Yeah, open the yellow zipper and pull out the chart!”

    You: “Got it!”

  • The fact that you can separate it in half so that you don’t need to take everything on that short flight/city tour.
  • It holds two headsets!
  • The pocket on the top of the bag for your sunglasses

The only one problem that I have is the pocket designed for the fuel tester. I don’t use that style tester. However, I think I can find a pocket that will hold my GATS Jar.

Sara, if you’re reading this.. my birthday is only 6 months away!

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3 thoughts on “Best Flight Bag… Ever!

  1. I’m not even flying right now and I want one of these! Maybe two! One for my flight gear and one for all the other miscellaneous things I’d like to be able to carry around-day-today.

  2. Oh no! My birthday just passed and I *need* this. The colour-coded zippers are so inspired! And a pocket for my sunglasses? I’m sold.
    Ummmm, what do you think my chances are for an early Christmas present?

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