Not Flying, Coding!

I haven’t done much flying lately. I’ve been busy with my other project, World Flight Planner.

We just released a new version the other day that has some pretty nifty features. If you’re interested in checking it out, read the WFP Blog.

I’ve been doing research into which should be my first airplane to buy. As it stands now, I’ve thrown out the Cessnas and the Pipers. At the top of the list today is the Grumman Cheetah. How cool is that sliding canopy? The used prices I’ve been seeing online and in the COPA Classifieds are right in my budget.

Anyone have any suggsions as to which other aircraft I should be looking at/considering?

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2 thoughts on “Not Flying, Coding!

  1. Did a lot of flying in a Tiger when they were new. Some in a Cheetah. The extra power of the Tiger was nice in the mountains. Nothing wrong with a Cheetah though.

  2. I just bought a Grumman Tiger as my first airplane. I was actually looking for a Cheetah, because they can be used with Mogas and are much cheaper to operate here in Germany. But good Cheetahs are rare in Europe. Anyway, both Cheetah and Tigers are great airplanes. Go for it! You may already know that you get heaps of useful information at

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