St. Thomas (CYQS) This Saturday

I’m going to be at the St. Thomas airport this weekend from approx 1pm to 4pm this Saturday. If you’re in the area, I’d love to meet you!

I will be renting an aircraft from the St. Thomas Flight Centre to give my girlfriend’s dad his fathers day gift.

I will have to get checked out with an instructor. I will most likely have to do a few circuits to prove my proficiency with the school. This is the first time I would have done a circuit at an uncontrolled airport before. So I will have to review to make sure if there is anything different (I doubt it, you make the same calls right?).

Anyways, the plan is just a short sight seeing flight over some privately known landmarks and the city proper. I’ll be sure to bring along my GPS to track the flight.

It’s going to be good to be back in the air. Today two buddies of mine (Doug, and David) were flying (IFR of course) to various destinations. I’m going to be meeting David for lunch tomorrow downtown.

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3 thoughts on “St. Thomas (CYQS) This Saturday

  1. How did you flight go in St Thomas?I’m from London but fly out of St Thomas a couple times a month. It is a great school with very friendly people who treat you like family. I like it because it only take 5-10 min to get down to Port Stanley and fly along the Lake. Next time you come down Maybe I will see you there. Happy flying

  2. How in depth was the checkout? Were they satisfied with just a few circuits or did it turn into something similar to the standard CFA/Toronto Airways routine with the 45 minute flight, forced approach, etc etc etc..?

  3. Hey Mark,

    The checkout was about 45 minutes. Stalls, steep turns, and a forced approach. Two circuits I believe.

    I think they decided to do it this way, because it had been 6 months or so since I last flew.

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