World Flight Planner 1.0 Launched!

After two years of development and a lot of hard work from Douglas and I, we’re happy to announce that we’re releasing our flight planning software to the public.

World Flight Planner was designed primarily for general aviation pilots but could also be used for commercial operators. It supports both IFR and VFR flight planning as well as weight and balance.

The biggest selling feature (in my mind) is the ability to access your plans from any Internet connected device, whether that be your desktop, the computer at the FBO, or your blackberry. Easily generate or update your flight plans while on the go!

World Flight Planner also visualizes for you some very important information such as SIGMETs, and PIREPs on your route map. You can quickly and easily see the type of weather by overlaying near real-time weather radar as well.

Right now we have support for planning flights within Canada and the United States. We’re working on getting support for Australia as well in the near future.

Everyone is welcome to try it free for 30 days. After that, if you want to continue to use the software, it will only cost a cool $9 a month (if you pay for a year up front).

For being a loyal reader of the blog, use the coupon code “FLYWITHBLAKE” to get your self a free month!

COPA Members get a discount as well, which can be combined with the coupon code.

I want to thank all of those you helped beta test the software for us! It was your feedback that help shape version 1.0!

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