Went flying this morning. The first time in a while, so I did a checkout with one of my favourite instructors.It was a lot of fun, and I forgot how I love to fly.

The airport was busy as usual. Number 4 to land at one point, with an overshoot to boot. Everyone was departing off 15, and had the CTV chopper departing 21. At one point the ground controller told a buddy “now’s not a good time to go” as everyone was trying to leave the airport like rats from a sinking ship.

After I touched down, they were denying people entry into the zone as it was so busy. I really have no idea where all this traffic is going to go when the airport shuts down.

The plan is to fly at least once a month now. Which should be doable I think.

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One thought on “Checked Out!

  1. Hi Blake. It seems funny about talking about the amount of traffic at this airport.Back in 1960 I took lying lesson there in an old aeronca 65. very little activety no fuss no muss no waite. good luck in your living adventure. all grass runway then and a shack for control,clubhouse etc.

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