It was great to be back in the air this past weekend. A cold front had passed through on Friday, bringing with it a high pressure system of nice dry air. This means some good flying weather!

Pre-Flight Inspection


It was bumpy below 3000′ so I decided to keep the entire flight up at around 4000′. The winds were howling at around 25-30kts by my estimation. The GPS was showing a ground speed around 85Kts.

Newmarket, northbound at 2500'

I didn’t file a flight plan, and decided to stay close to home. It’s been awhile since I’ve been “local north”. This is one of the practice areas for the school, but today, the radios were quiet.

During my normal scan of the instruments, I noticed the fuel flow gauge acting up. It was working on the ground during my run up! Hmm. This is going to make calculating fuel flow a little difficult.

My wallet appreciates the 0 gal/hr. flow, but my common sense doesn’t.

I headed up to Lake Simcoe Regional (CYLS) for a fly-over. I wasn’t in the mood to land. Surprisingly I was able to pick out this airport pretty quickly. I usually have difficulty this time of year as everything is shades of brown and white.

Lake Simcoe Regional Airport


Coming in to land, I was number 2 behind a Baron. If I could afford to fly a twin, I think that’d be it. My next flight is set for mid-april.

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2 thoughts on “Local North

  1. Blake,

    I too took advantage of the weather and flew off to Peterborough for breakfast at the Runway 27 Café with 3 other BFC airplanes. We found out that the restaurant will be moving to the north side of the field next to the newly paved apron, probably in April.

    Great food and now known for it’s fabulous carrot cake! After breakfast it was a 30 minute flight back to Buttonville. Winds aloft were gusting 35 from 330 degrees so I stayed below 2400 for the return trip. The JMD with the G1000 is worth the extra training and makes flight planning simple and straight forward. Try it, you’ll like it!

  2. Hey Blake. I like the site. I am a ATPL pilot currently flying in nothern Sask. I am developing a blog with TC exam study notes and everyday flight operating tips. If your interested check it out.
    Happy flying, Jay

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