Changes to Airspace Between Windsor and Montreal

NavCanada is implementing quite a few changes in the next week or so that will affect both IFR and VFR pilots in Ontario and Quebec.

The largest change is the elimination of some Victor and Jet air-routes in favour for new RNAV routes (designated as T, Q, or L routes). The T and Q routes are controlled for low level or high level travel respectively. L routes are low level uncontrolled RNAV routes. This also means that there are new STARs and SIDs for airports like Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal.

How this will affect non-RNAV equipped aircraft (like the majority of us GAers) is unknown. Some Victor airways will be eliminated that may affect your normal routing. Some of the airways that are affected include: V3, V37, V91, V98, and V360 (amongst others).

More detailed information can be found on a dedicated website NavCanada set up.

For you pilots in and around Ottawa, the restricted airspace around Parliament Hill and Rideau Hall is changing. The upper limit of CYR537 and CYR538 is changing from 1,500 to 3000′ ASL. As well, the radius is increasing from 0.25nm to 0.35nm.

Personally, this doesn’t affect me much as I’m not IFR rated, nor do I fly airways (yet).

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