Busiest Airport In Canada for 2012

Stats Canada released their aircraft movement report last week.

Some highlights:

  • There were 5.2 Million take-offs and landings at the top 93 airports.
  • The peak month was in July, 2012.
  • Toronto Pearson (CYYZ) was number one at 435,592 movements.

Buttonville (CYKZ) pushed up two spots last year from 11th to 9th with 138,946 movements. Of those take-offs and landings, a whopping 77,160 (55%) of them were local movements. This means that the aircraft never left the circuit. In other words, more than half of the movements were for the sole purpose of practicing  take-offs and landings.

Where are all these pilots going to go when the airport closes? Only time will tell.

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