Ground School Costs

I’ve been getting a few people asking me why my ground school cost is so high. So here’s an explanation:

The actual flying training is being done by Toronto Airways. The schooling portion is being done by Seneca College. Any tuition that I’m charged I categorize under “ground school”. Technically what I’m learning at Seneca you would learn during your ground school with your flight instructor. The main difference is that I would get 42 hours of Meteorology instruction, instead of the 4 (or whatever) you’d normally get in “traditional” ground school – hence the higher cost.

Each Seneca College course costs about $388.00. I’ve also tallied in any ground briefings I’ve had with my FI. As of this posting the breakdown is as follows:

description | cost


Semester 1 Tuition | 1552.00

Ground Briefing: Single/VFR 2 Hours | 110.00

Ground Briefing: Sing/VFR 1.5 Hours | 88.28

Ground Briefing: Single/VFR 0.5 Hours | 27.50

Ground Briefing: Single/VFR | 58.85

Ground Briefing: Single/VFR | 100.05

Ground Briefing: Sing/VFR 1.1 Hours | 64.74

Semester 2 Tuition | 1164.00

You can visit Seneca College’s part-time aviation program page for more information on the classes.

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One thought on “Ground School Costs

  1. ahhh that makes much more sense. Thanks for clearing that up. I was thinking of taking a meteorology class at the university so it will help me understand it more. But not sure if it is something i wish to pursue or not.
    Hope you get that PSTAR done soon though :-)

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