Radio Certificate in Hand

About a month after writing the radiotelephone exam, my certificate arrived in the mail. It’s a small wallet sized piece of paper that states:

“The certificate holder is qualified to operate radio stations as indicated in the regulations made persuant to the Radiocommunication Act”

This is one of the pieces of paper I need before I can go solo.

I’m writing the PSTAR on Saturday. Either instead of my flight (if its rainy) or after it (if its sunny).

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3 thoughts on “Radio Certificate in Hand

  1. After your flight? Why not before?
    You’ll kick yourself if your instructor turns around and says “Well, I would have solo’d you on this flight, but your PSTAR isn’t done yet” after you taxi back from your lesson.
    The PSTAR is really nothing – easy as pie. Just in case the weather plays nice (which, unfortunately it isn’t supposed to this weekend) I’d get it done *before* the flight.
    ..just in case. ;-)

  2. My lesson is for 8am… I really dont want to get up any earlier than I need to ;)
    My FI said there is at least 1 or 2 more lessons before I can go solo.
    But yeah, the weather this weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) doesn’t look promising.

  3. Good Luck on the PSTAR. It really is easy as pie :-) Though they got me on the “how long till you can fly after taking” questions, I swapped the answers around on them:S in anycase im suprized that your RROC took so long, mine came in 4 days after I wrote it (well wrote it on a wednesday, FI didn’t see it till sunday, sent it out monday)

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