It’s Solo Time!

I’m back and very anxious to get back up in the air, it’s been way too long. Some interesting things have happened since I was gone.

A window from a Seneca Piper (twin engine) fell off the plane in mid-flight and landed in a car dealership.

One of my classes has been canceled due to lack of enrollment. This semester I will be only taking two: Airport Design (aka Personnel Management) and Navigation.

Seneca doesn’t provide exact percentages for their final marks. Only letter grades and GPAs. I’m happy with my final grades:

Aeronautics: A

Meteorology: A

Human Factors: A+

Computer Systems: A+

(A+ = 90-100%, A = 80-89%)

My GPA so far, is 4.0.

The flight back from Cuba was interesting. I flew with Sunwing. According to Wikipedia, their fleet consists of two airplanes. Our return flight was on a Flair Airways aircraft. An airline I’ve never heard of. Apparently they are a charter company that other airlines can contract or hire on a short time basis to meet demands.

Some Towering Cumulus at 31,000 feet

My flight today went well. The weather was great and the circuit traffic was light. 15 was the active (and thus right hand circuits) and I was able to handle it without a hitch. We also did a flapless landing (must remember that approach speed is higher) and three simulated engine failures. Two of them were done on purpose so that I’d have to land on runway 03 in a light crosswind. The nice controller accommodated that for us and apparantly I owe him a few beers (the funniest stuff only happens on the radio when I dont set up my scanner to record it ;) ).

If all goes well tomorrow morning, I will be going Solo. I just have to finish memorizing the emergency checklists tonight.. eeep!

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