Student Pilot License Requirements

In order for you to be able to fly Solo while a student, you must be sure to have:

– Your medical certificate

– Radiotelephone license

– Proof of citizenship

– The blessing of your flight instructor

You also need to be able to perform certain tasks, like:

– Memorize emergency checklists for your aircraft

– Perform three consistant landings

I have all the items above .. however didn’t bring any of the paper work with me this morning to get my student license. No worries though, a new flight has been booked for tomorrow morning at 7am.

Got a call from Seneca college today. Another one of my classes has been canceled due to lack of enrollment. So.. I’m only taking one class a week (the only one they are offering). There are both pros and cons that I am not going to go into :)

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One thought on “Student Pilot License Requirements

  1. Hey Blake,
    I completed my first solo on April 30th…it was awesome. Did 3 circuits all on my own. I was doing left hand circuits of 12 at CZBB and the traffic was calm in the area but I had 1 aircraft come in Right Base as advised by the tower in front of me on each of my solo circuits, so I had to extend my downwind both times.
    I can actually say now that I was a PIC! Yipee!
    I was hoping to get to do some more solo circuits this weekend but the weather wasn’t cooperating…heavy winds all I was up yesterday with my instructor for some experience in strong winds…lots of control needed and it was much more difficult to try and maintain altitude in the circuit..but it was a good experience. So hopefully the weather is better for this week.
    Good Luck on your solo! It’s a blast!

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