More Diversions

This past lesson was the last one on diversions. We did three diversions all by my self. I took care of everything including the radios. I wish I had brought my GPS so that I could later review how well my calculations were.

My lesson yesterday was canceled because of the TAF. It was calling for winds gusting the 30KTs.

My next lesson (which may or may not be today depending on the weather) will be dealing with landing at an uncontrolled aerodrome. I need to review the procedures today sometime. I hope that we actually get to land on a grass strip so I can actually put to use my soft field landing.

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2 thoughts on “More Diversions

  1. Good luck with the grass strip if you get one. Since most grass strips are short, don’t forget to come in slow. If you’re flying 70 kt (or even 60 kt) over the threshold, it’s going to be a long landing. A lot of Cessna 172 pilots used to long, paved runways will routinely approach at 80 kt, which is fast enough for a DC-3!

  2. Don’t worry :)
    All of my short/soft field landings at Buttonville have been done at 60KTs. Even my normal approach speed is 65KTs.

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