Practice Makes Perfect

I spent 1.3 hours today in the training area practicing steep turns and a couple of stalls.

I can execute a steep turn flawlessly 95% of the time.

Todays flight went really well, it was quiet. I was in SMB which I know not to take the next time on these really hot days. Even though the cabin heat is turned all the way off, there still seems to be a small leak and I could feel warm air seeping in.

I have a lesson booked tomorrow with my FI at 12pm. I just hope I beat the weather. It’s supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow morning. Lets hope it’s good enough to fly by 12. I’m not quite sure what we are going to do, however, I’m going to do some review before the lesson:

– Diversions (need to write a cheat sheet of the items I need to keep track of during a diversion)

– Forced and Precautionary landings (just armchair fly a few)

– Review short/soft field take-off and landings. I always get the two mixed up (when do I add 10° of flaps on take off again?)

– Review stall recovery

If there is enough time with tomorrows lesson I’m going to ask my FI if we can do two stalls together. If there is still some time left over, a spiral and spin recovery too. Just to keep them fresh in my mind.

My scanner can pick up Toronto City Centre tower and ground perfectly from my living room. I decided to take a bike ride down to the island (it was about 5 minutes away). I took a quick picture of the tower in the fading sunlight.


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4 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. 10 Degrees of flaps for both short and soft takeoffs. I was always taught to put in the flaps while doing runway checks before calling ready for departure.
    Aside from making it a habbit with less chance to forget them, additionally it gives them time to transit. I’ve saw some people drop the flaps after they’ve already started their roll, and the flaps are still in transit for the first while.
    I’m going to take a guess that your next dual lesson will be precautionary or forced landings. ;-)

  2. 10° for both? Hmm.. I’m just looking back at my notes and we only use 10° for short field take offs.
    I’m going to double check with my FI today (if my lesson is a go).
    Flap setting for take-off is under the “run-up” portion of the checklist for me as well (before asking for taxi instructions).
    I have already done precautionary and forced landings as well as diversions. I have a feeling that if there is no lesson today we would be groud briefing the cross country/navigation stuff?

  3. Ahh yes, your flying 172’s right? Different flap settings. I incorrectly assume that everyone out there is training on 152’s as I did. :-)
    As for lessons, have you done your instrument lesson, or spins yet? (I’ve been slacking on my blog reading and can’t remember if you did yet or not!)

  4. I only learned last Wednesday that the 150s here dont have transponders… I was surprised to hear that.
    To be honest though, I might get checked out in a 150 for the cheapness factor ;)
    Did spins a while ago in combination with spirals.
    No instrument training yet…

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